Tavirona Route

The Tavirona Route begins at the old railway station. Its trajectory coincides with the former railway and ends at the Tavirona Brigde, after which it is named, and where one can enjoy the wide panoramic views of the natural site "Marismas del Río Piedras” and “Flecha de Nueva Umbría".
The route is part of the Vía Verde Litoral (coastal rail trail). It used to start in Gibraleón and end at Ayamonte, over a distance of more than 30 miles, passing through Cartaya, Lepe, La Redondela and Pozo del Camino.
The railway arrived to the neighbourhood of Lepe in 1931. It was built by the State for the transport of goods on 14 August 1936 and started transporting passengers on 1 August 1940 in wooden wagons pulled by steam locomotives, until in 1965 the switch to rail buses was made.
Throughout the years, the inhabitants of the area experienced how travelling by train increased the travel time and was subject to inflexible schedules, while travelling by bus became ever more popular, with stops at any point in the village. The fate of the train was sealed. The final closure of the facilities between the Mezquita up to Ayamonte took place on 27 September 1987.
Excepting a few sections, the type of route is the old railway with a road surface of compacted soil. It is of low difficulty. It is a pleasant path for walking or cycling or practising sports.
The path is bordered by a wooden fence, has benches and markings over the entire trajectory.