Terms of use

Terms of use

These Terms of Use regulate the Users’ access and use of all interactive functionalities designed in the Web Portal or published through social networks and sites outside this website.


Registration process

Registration is necessary for interaction with the Portal, which grants "registered user" permissions. The first condition to access the portal as a "registered user" is to be at least 18 years old. Otherwise a non-automatic registration must be requested by email to the managing body to: turismo@lepe.es. A paternal authorization will be requested or, if applicable, an express authorization of a legal guardian or holder of the custody of the child, of legal age. Persons under 18 are therefore prohibited to register as Users, unless expressly authorized in writing by the legal guardian of the underage user.


Online registration in the Portal

Users of legal age can register online in the portal itself by completing the following basic registration fields: User name, email address and a captcha (to avoid internet robots).


After this form is submitted, the system will send an email to the address indicated with instructions and a link to complete the registration process. After accepting access from this email, you will be directed to the advanced registration form where you will be required to set up a password for your account (mandatory). Once the password has been set up, you can visit your personal profile at any time and complete it (not mandatory), by adding more information such as province, town, etc. These data may be used for statistical purposes by Lepe Town Council.


This type of registration is subject to the legal regulations regarding the maintenance of personal data (LOPD RD 1720/2007 21 December). In accordance with this regulation, the website’s managing body helps you know your rights in the section below, "Privacy Policy".


Online registration via Social Networks

Users can also be automatically registered via the following social networks: Facebook and Twitter.


In this case, your personal data are owned by the aforementioned platforms and the website’s managing body is not responsible for the management of such data nor for the security measures that the user might have accepted through any of them.


The Registered User expresses and warrants that all data and information provided upon registration and use of the Website are truthful, accurate and real, and commits to keeping them updated at all times through the section "My profile".


It is strictly forbidden to impersonate the identity of a third party for registration. For this purpose, the managing body reserves the possibility of verifying the identity of Registered Users in case of suspicion of identity theft.


In the event that such identity theft is deemed to be evident, the managing body shall immediately delete the profile of the Registered User, without prejudice to any corresponding legal actions that the managing body may exercise.


In addition, the Registered User may report those cases in which he suspects an identity theft by another Registered User, through the following email address: turismo@lepe.es.


Nevertheless, should the managing body receive a complaint email relating to an alleged identity theft, this shall in no case necessarily entail the obligation to delete the profile of the reported Registered User, as the decision to take action shall always be up to the judgement of the portal’s managing body.


Once the user has registered and logged in to the website, the functionalities mentioned above will be fully operational.


Closing a user account in the Portal

The website’s managing body reserves the right to block access to any user if it deems it appropriate, due to changes in its strategic policy or in the technology used, or in case of reasonable doubts regarding the proper use or abuse on the website owned by the portal’s managing body, without prior notice to the user.


The user may at any time request withdrawal as a Registered User of any nature, by sending an email to the following address: turismo@lepe.es indicating his / her wish to withdraw.


Withdrawal as a Registered User of any nature implies the loss of any portal user rights and therefore of access or control of the information already entered therein, which will be maintained or deleted at the discretion of the managing body.



The content, graphics, photographs, videos, sound and / or video recordings, information, comments, expressions, etc. (hereinafter, the "Contents") included in the portal belong to Lepe Town Hall and to the participating companies and collaborating entities.


Distinctive signs (trademarks, logos, trade names, etc.) included on the Website by the managing body are the property of the corresponding brands and companies and shall not be considered as copyright-free content They shall therefore in no case be transferred by the managing body to third parties for arbitrary use.


Contents included in the website by Registered Users

You must not upload or share copyrighted content unless you have express authorization, and you shall be ultimately responsible for any legal requirement due to improper use of copyrighted content, industrial property or similar. In any case, by accepting the portal’s Conditions of Use, you release the website’s managing body of any type of civil, criminal or other liability in this regard.


The inclusion by Registered Users on the Website and Services of any distinctive sign (trademark or trade name) is prohibited, unless such reproduction has been previously authorized by the legitimate owner of the distinctive sign.


Likewise, by accepting these Conditions you agree that any information posted on the portal -comments, photos / images, videos, etc., becomes public the moment it is published and shall be considered as copyright-free content that may be used by the website’s managing body or by any other user without prior notification.


In any case, any content posted on the website shall be considered inappropriate or abusive when it violates the right to honor, own image and reputation of the managing body or of any other third party, be it and individual or a legal entity. Or when it violates the right of privacy of any third party. In particular, the Registered User agrees not to provide personal data of any third party through the portal.

It is prohibited, in the website and in the services, comments or content that may violate the fundamental rights of any person as included in the Spanish Constitution, especially those of equality regardless of race, sexual orientation, ideology or creed.


It is also forbidden adult, sexual, obscene or indecent content, or any content justifying terrorism in any way or encouraging behaviors that can be considered criminal, provocative, etc; links to websites other than this website or those included in the Portal, unless expressly authorized by the portal’s managing body.


In no case shall the managing body be responsible for the comments or statements made and / or for the contents included on the website by the registered user. The website’s managing body shall in these cases be considered a mere host of the information, according to the provisions of article 16 of Law 34/2002 of 12 July on Information Society and E-commerce Services (hereinafter "LSSI").


Complaints by Registered Users

Should the Registered User notice in the website comments or content contrary to the principles and nature of this platform, which may appear to be defamatory, libelous, unlawful or which may in any way infringe the above mentioned rights, s/he may report them to the following email address, turismo@lepe.es.


However, such complaint does not necessarily imply the managing body’s obligation to remove the allegedly unlawful comment or content, as decision making and final action in this regard remain the competence of the managing body’s content moderators.